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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about FollowUp for Email

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What is the difference between FollowUp for email, and FollowUp The Personal CRM?

FollowUp for email is a productivity suite that keeps your conversations and tasks from slipping though the cracks. FollowUp Personal CRM is a relationship management tool that helps you stay on top of your network.

Can I get a refund? 

Our refund policy can be located here

What is an email alias? 

In our pricing page, we reference email aliases. Aliases are simply other emails that you own, that you want to use with the service. Aliases are not additional users, and are not extra users that are not you. 

If I add someone who is not me, how does my pricing change? 

We charge per user/seat, so take the number of users, including yourself, and multiply that by your annual/monthly charge. 

Can I add another email address to my account?

Please log into your account and to ‘Account’ -> ‘Profile’. Here you will be able to add more email addresses to your FollowUp account. If you need to merge two existing FollowUp accounts, you type in the email of the account you want to merge on the settings page, then go to your other email account and confirm.

Specific steps on how to do this can be found here.

Can you resend my confirmation email?

Click here to resend your confirmation email. Remember to check your spam folder if you do not see it come through.

How do I downgrade/cancel my account?

In order to downgrade or cancel your account, please contact us at to ensure your account is cancelled properly. We never assume a lack of use equals you want to cancel your account which is why we ask you to notify us the need to cancel your account. 

 Can I use the 24 hour clock (military time) to set reminders?

Currently 24 hour clock or military time is not supported, as we’ve realized our reminders do not work well with Google when in this format.

Can I turn off Confirmation Emails for my reminders?

Yes. You can turn off confirmation emails on the ‘Settings’ page, which you can find in the drop down ‘Account’ menu.

If you signed up recently this feature has been disabled so there would be nothing to turn off.

Why am I getting multiple summary emails?

If you are receiving multiple daily summary emails, you probably have not merged your accounts yet. If you have more than one account, you can merge them together by going into ‘Account’ -> ‘Profile’ and adding them there.

Can I turn off the email reminders?

If you want to turn off your individual email reminders, you can do this on the settings page. Navigate to ‘Account’ -> ‘Settings’ and uncheck the following field: Send me an email every time I get a reminder (recommended). 

I got busy, can I extend my free 14 day trial?

We understand things can happen, and you forget you signed up for our trial. Email us at to see if we can extend it for you.

Can I get a demo of how works?

You sure can! Just contact us at, and let us know the following: What kind of work do you do? How do you use your email? And f course what time and how long you have for a demo.

I’m not receiving my reminders. What next?

There could be a lot of things at work stopping your reminder from not coming. The first step would be to check with your Email Hosting Company or IT department to see if our emails have been blocked from coming. The nature of our email format is not common. The next step would be to see if the pipeline of communication is still open by setting up a test reminder, which most people use Log into your FollowUp account and go to that reminder, and click Send Now. If that one works it’s likely an issue of us being blocked by your email. If it doesn’t work, then contact us ASAP to investigate the issue.

I need to update my credit card do I do that? 

Credit card and personal information breaches are unfortunately more common place so you may find the need to update your Credit Card info. We will send you an email that there is an issue with your card, and provide a link where you can add your new card info. Once the card is updated our billing system will attempt the charge again immediately. If you know proactively of a need to change your Credit Card, simply send us an email to and let us know that you need to change it. We will then send that link in advance. 

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