In order to downgrade or cancel your account, please contact us at to ensure your account is cancelled properly.

As of December 15th, 2016:

Refunds – reserves the right to refuse or cancel your subscription at any time for certain reasons including but not limited to: product or service availability, errors in the description or price of the product or service, error in your order or other reasons.

Annual Payments –

Refunds will not be given more than 30 days from the time the card is charged. Requests can still be made for a refund, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis. For annual payments, customers are agreeing to a service of 1 year. Unless we are notified by the 90th day of a customer’s wish to cancel and their reason for cancellation, which must be approved, no money past that day will be refunded. Any billing errors created by, will be accepted without question.

Monthly Payments –

Monthly plans can be cancelled, and will terminate upon the next month’s renewal date. For monthly agreements, unless we are notified within 3 days of a customer’s wish for a refund, a refund will not be provided unless a valid reason is provided and approved. If 30 days have past since a payment was made and a customer is requesting a refund for it, that request will not be approved. Any billing errors created by, will be accepted without question.

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