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Can I use something other than Gmail with

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All of our core features work with the desktop version of Gmail. 

However, you can still use ONLY our Reminders feature with any email platform. To learn more about how reminders work you can check out our reminders help article

Once you familiarize yourself with how reminders work, check out this quick video that explains how to use our Reminders with any email platform by typing them in manually:

Now that you know how to use Reminders with a Non-Gmail account, this is also the same way you can do it on a mobile device like your phone or tablet. 

Make sure if you're using Reminders this way to send an email to (put this in the TO field). We will send you instructions on how you can save and/or pre populate our list of Reminders. So when you type the number 3 for example, what should pop up is the different reminder sequences using 3 (3days, 3weeks, 3months etc.). This can save you some time, although our reminders over time become rather easy to remember. 

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