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Browser and Extension Troubleshooting is not working like it should and/or my Gmail is slow is not working like it should and/or my Gmail is slow

What can I do to correct this?

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After you install F, and you feel your system has slowed to some degree, try these options below (A-E & F) 

 A. Clear your cache

1) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'Privacy' ⇨ 'Clear Browsing Data'

2) Have these ticked (should match the picture below):

  • Choose 'Since the beginning of time'

  • Cookies and other site and plug-in data

  • Cached images and files

  • *Hosted app data*

  • Click 'Clear browsing data'

3) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'About' ⇨ make sure Chrome is updated**

4) Quit and reopen Chrome

5) Try signing into the again


B. If that does not work improve the speed, try quitting some apps that can slow down your computer and also eat a lot of processing power for example: 

  • Spotify or other streaming music

  • Microsoft Office Apps

  • Adobe Apps and Products

  • Google Apps and Products 

C. If that still does not work close every open app on your computer and restart your computer entirely. 

D. Try logging into a different WiFi connection, or try hardwiring your Internet connection.  

E. If steps A - D do not work - emails us with a support issue at and answer the following questions including step F. 

Questions to answer: 

What kind of computer do you have? Where are you located? 

Send us a video recording of your App. If you have a MAC you can use Quicktime which is built in for free, or if on a PC use your cell phone. Both types of Computers should be able to use another Chrome extension called Loom to record your screen as well. 

  • For the recording: 

  • Send us a ping test by recording a test from

  • Have your console open while you record the video so we can see your error messages (explained in part F)


F. Open up your console to get the error message:

1. Go to Google Chrome and open the Developer Tools

2. Select Console

3. Try to get the server error again

4. When you finished select the "Error" tab

5. If you do not see "Errors," please click the filter icon

6. Then click "Errors"

6. Right-click anywhere in the console and then "Save As"

7. Then, please email us the video of your speed test, console error, and questionnaire. This will better assist us to address your issues in a timely manner. 

*NOTE* We will ask if you have tried these options prior to any substantial inquiry into your case, so please take this process seriously. 

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