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How adding and removing users affects your team & Team Pricing Plans

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When it comes to billing, we always charge per user/seat. So when you add someone to your team, we take your price (regardless of annual or monthly) and multiply it by two (or however many seats you add to your team). 

Every user you add to your team, if they are new to, will get our two week free trial included in their service. It will reflect that in the team roster menu. 

Removing  A Seat/Team Member 

When you remove someone, an email get's triggered to us to let us know of team change. The change then gets reflected in your billing. If it does not reflect appropriately, especially if you pay month to month, be sure to email us or send us a Direct Message on Twitter 

Per our earlier example, let's say you were paying for our professional plan, at $36 a month. The next month's invoice will reflect just the one seat at $36 a month. 

I have a large team that wants to use, can I get a discount? 

We're happy to work with anyone when it comes to more than five users or more on the account for a custom pricing plan. If you have more than that email us at with the answers to these questions: 

  • How many users will use the service? 

  • What email platform do you use? Is it run by your corporate office? 

  • What does your company do? 

These questions will help us better formulate a pricing option to best fit all involved. 

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