Advanced Troubleshooting - REMINDERS

An advanced guide to trouble shoot reminder issues

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Reminders are at the core of everything we do. For this article we are talking about traditional reminders you set via email or the side bar. 

Something that can happen is you set a reminder, and it never comes to your inbox. It's a scary thought! This is something we hope to help you avoid by using this guide to trouble shoot why you aren't getting reminders. 

How Email Technology Sending Technology Works

To understand why you're not receiving your emails, you first have to understand email sending technology. Don't worry, this is a very high level overview that is designed for all to comprehend. 

A great example would be package deliveries. Imagine you get frequent delivers from the same post office. Then, someone starts sending bad packages from that same post office. Do you block that post office from delivering to you? 

The same idea applies with email. We run off of a shared IP Address. Meaning other companies or groups use our IP as well. So when these other groups start sending bad mail, it lowers our sender score, which puts us at risk to be blacklisted by your mail server. 

When we get blacklisted, that means our mail will no longer deliver to your inbox. If that happens, we will stop attempting to send mail because if we keep sending to a sever we're blacklisted from it lowers our sender score even greater. So we suppress your email from getting mail from us. 

Now that you have an understanding of the why behind not receiving your reminders, below are steps you can take to help correct it. 

Check Your SPAM/JUNK Folder & Settings

It's important to check in here first as this is the easiest fix. We have emails that end in .cc which is not a traditional email address ending. Make sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder to ensure our emails did not end up there. Even our most tenured users have had our emails lost in their SPAM/JUNK folder. You also want to go to your email settings for SPAM/JUNK filters to ensure there is nothing indicating a block there as well. For how to adjust these settings, contact your email provider. 

Check With Our Support Team

Send us an email letting us know you have not gotten your reminder emails, and that you have already checked your SPAM/JUNK Mail. We will then check for a suppression (see above for what a suppression is) on your email and remove it if need be. If no suppression exists then we are blacklisted by your mail server. 

Check In With Your IT Team or Email Hosting Company

This is the last line of defense in getting the reminder emails to continue like normal. Your support team for your email can "whitelist" us, which will approve any mail we send to your server. At this point we would have suggested this and provided you with our current IP address. Email your IT Group or Hosting Company and ask them to whitelist our IP and any emails ending in This should correct the issue finally and get you back up and running. 

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