Managing My Profile Email Addresses

How do I manage and update the email addresses I can use?

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One of the most common questions we get is about managing the email addresses associated with your account and profile. 

Our current plans and pricing as of 8/1/2017, offer 2 personal emails for any basic plan (monthly/annual) and up to 5 personal emails for any professional/Salesforce plan (monthly/annual).

While this seems like a lot - the steps are quite simple. To edit your personal emails on your profile, click your profile page on the top right drop down menu when you log into

This brings you to your profile page where you can see your current list of registered emails and add a new one. Add a new email by typing it into the box provided and click Add Email: 

If an email was successfully requested to be added, you should get a page that looks like this. The green bar at the top will indicate that adding the new email was successful. If you need to re-send the confirmation email, simply re-click Resend Confirmation: 

Now you need to go to the new email you added and find the email confirmation we sent you. That email should look something like this. Click the green Confirm Email Address button:

Once the new email address is confirmed, you can then make it the Primary email for the account or delete it from your profile. 

If you are trying to replace your current email, make the new email your primary, and delete the old email. 

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