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How to use Email Link Click Tracking

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Link Click Tracking is a way to know if the links you include in your emails are truly being clicked by the recipients. We track this by replacing the link you are sending with a link of our own. When our link is clicked, it pings you to tell you it was clicked, while re-directing them to your original link. It’s that simple.

As you can see in the picture below, just like Open Tracking, Link Click Tracking shows up in your Activity feed found in your Side Bar within Gmail.

Please note that this feature is available only through Chrome Extension and only works with Open Tracking also selected. You cannot only select Link Tracking. 


  • Important Documents (insurance documents, sales proposals etc.)

  • Online Content (personal blogs, websites, video content etc.)

  • Directions (directions for a client, lunch meeting etc.)

  • Party Invite

Need to turn off Email Link Click Tracking by default? Click the gear icon in the bottom right of your side bar to locate these settings. 

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