Email Tracking Troubleshooting

Common issues you may have with Open Tracking and Link Tracking

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Open Tracking Troubleshooting

Q: I know my message was read, but I was never notified that it was opened?

Open tracking is more of an indicator than an absolute. The system can not track every email when a user opens it, on occasion a user may be blocking tracking technology or have an email system set up in a way that does not allow us to track. This is a limitation of any open tracking system.

Q: What is happening if my tracked email says it was opened more than I know it’s already been opened? (For example, you send a tracked email and know it was opened twice but the counter says more than 2)

If you check your email from anything where FollowUp is not logged in, it will count as a view from a tracking standpoint. There is no way for us to confirm you as a user with FollowUp which is why the tracking software shows an additional opened email.

If the email is already sent, then there is nothing that can be done to change the link after the fact. Like a text message, once it's sent, there is nothing you can do to change the message. 

There are two things at work if our link tracking is causing your link some issues: 

1.) Your email provider is interfering with the link replacement. 

If this is the case, there is likely nothing you can do except to turn off link tracking by default going forward. What we have found is that certain email providers, block access to links within an email because of the nature of the links your business deals with on a daily basis (private data, contracts, etc.). So what happens is our link get's replaced, but when we try to re-direct to the link you wanted we are blocked. 

2.) You have other apps or extensions that are interfering with our link replacement. 

There are thousands of Google Chrome integrations out there, which makes it tough to plan for all of them and how they will work with our app. With that said, if you have apps that specifically deal with email changes or link changes, these may be causing the link tracking to not work as intended. To test if this is true, disable these apps temporarily and try link tracking again to see if it works. 

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