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Email Tracking

How does open tracking work?

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Email Open Tracking is a powerful tool to know if your emails are truly being read by the recipient. Similar to other Open Tracking programs, we add a small micro pixel, unseen by the human eye into your email. 

When that email is opened it triggers that image has been viewed, which notifies you that the email was read. 

How It Works:

When you compose an email you either have open tracking turned on or off by default. You can find your default Open Tracking Settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right of your side bar. (Pictured Below)

Here you can Turn on/off by default our Open Tracking and Link Tracking Features. You can also enable/disable desktop notifications and mute additional notifications after the first open occurs: 

Once you are ready to send an email, make sure the open tracking tab is selected in the menu from your compose window (Pictured Below). Send your email and watch the magic happen!

How do I know my emails are opened? 

In our side bar in your inbox, we have a running list of your open tracking notifications. In this menu, we show the subject line, who it was opened by, the time it was opened, and the number of times it was opened.  

We separate the emails by the day they were opened. You can also click on anyone of these emails to view more information or open the thread entirely. 

Want a more detailed breakdown of the open tracking details? Hover over the envelope and display the number of times opened and what day. If you have more than one tracked email in a thread it will tell you that here as well.

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