Response Detection

Understanding and using Response Detection

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Response Detection

Response Detection helps you automate the process of following up. Turning ‘Response Detection’ on is like saying ‘Send me this reminder only if I don’t hear back from the recipient’. Here is good infographic showing how Response Detection works.

How to use Response Detection?

If you have our Chrome Extension installed while setting up a reminder for your message make sure ‘Only if nobody replies’ is checked:

Please note that only BCCed reminders will be detected by Response Detection.

You can also use it without Chrome Extension, but only with Gmail accounts.

If you don’t have Chrome Extension just add a special suffix to any reminder address you want to create, for example: or for short Ensure you have BCCed on the FollowUp reminder. Only BCCed reminders will be detected by Response Detection. In case you want to send a reminder without Response Detection just use the corresponding formatting: or for short

If you want to turn this feature by default and just don’t think about it again please go to your ‘Settings’ and check the following field: “Automatically cancel reminders when somebody replies to your email”.

If you have Response Detection turned on and someone replies unexpectedly, forward their response to the reminder time again to ensure that you still have a new reminder set since their response.

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