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Our reminders are unlimited - which includes recurring reminders to ensure no conversation gets lost. You can set up reminders by using the Google Chrome Extension with a Gmail account or by using the CC or BCC section of your email if you are a Non Gmail User. 

Reminders set with Google Chrome Extension:

Use reminders when creating a new email, select 'compose' and you will see the toolbar populate in the bottom of the email with the 'Follow up' option

Or create a reminder when replying to an email

You can also set reminders via the sidebar. Click the Reminders button - located towards the top of the sidebar. 

Once your Reminders are listed - click the Add Reminder Button: 

Now you can create a personal reminder of our choosing: 

Reminders set via CC and BCC (Non gmail users)

You can still make use of our core feature (Reminders) if you are a non gmail user. When creating a reminder via email use the TO  or BCC fields. How they are utilized is listed below.

TO: Schedule a reminder for yourself, or forward an email to re-appear in the future.
BCC: Schedule a reminder within an email that you will see and receive. 

In the following example the reminder will come back on every Monday at 9 am

If you need help setting specific email reminders, use our Cheat Sheet to help you navigate all things email reminders. 

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