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How Do I Unsubscribe From Your Emails?
How Do I Unsubscribe From Your Emails?

How do I get you to send me less mail?

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Our philosophy has always been to send you only emails that are important to you - like if the product goes down, feature updates, and account issues. 

All of these emails should have an unsubscribe button. If you do not see it or want to make sure you are unsubscribed to our mailings just email us @

I unsubscribed from you all, but I am still getting emails from gives? 

If you are unsubscribed from our mailing lists, that means you are very likely getting reminder emails. These are reminders you may have created to come in after you canceled your account. What you want to do is email us to have your data removed from the system to cancel any outstanding reminders, and thus stop and additional emails that should come from us. 

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