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Know Where To Find Your Settings
Know Where To Find Your Settings

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With we have two different places where you can adjust your settings. The first is located when you log into These settings dictate how the features work across our services and your experience. You can adjust if your reminders cancel with a reply if you want to integrate with Google Drive and many other settings. 

The second set of settings can be found in the app itself. In the bottom ride of your sidebar, there is a gear icon. Clicking that takes you to another set of settings that dictate your experience within the app itself and your experience within it. There you can turn off your open tracking settings by default, turn off desktop notification, or even set a default reminder time. 

Where to find both of these locations are pictured below. Have a question about what a particular setting does? Email us! 

Your Feature & Integration Settings:

Your In App Behavior Settings: 

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