Send Later

Send later lets you set up an email to be sent at a time more convenient for the reader. Create your email, and chose the appropriate time you want to send it. Do note that the times you choose are based off of your time zone. For example, if you are on the East Coast in the US, and want to send an email 2 hours later to someone on the west coast, you have to take the 3 hour difference into account. 

Reasons to use Send Later

  • Need to send a to do list while you're away (work's for bosses or as parents)
  • Need to send an important international client
  • Need to send an email at a prime reading time 

How to use Send Later?

To take advantage of Send Later make sure this option is checked in composer of the mail you’re about to send:

Once this is complete, the composer will close. The email will be stored in your drafts folder until it is sent. To edit, delete or reschedule the email, simply open the draft and make your changes.

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