Reminders (Follow-Ups)

Set unlimited reminders, including recurring reminders, to ensure that no conversations ever slip through the cracks. Use your Gmail to create powerful reminders in a new message, or create one when you reply to an email. Need to set a personal reminder for something? We got you covered there too? Important tasks often get lost unless they are scheduled or organized. makes it easy to organize your reminders from with your existing email system – so leads and tasks don’t get forgotten.

How to set reminders?

There are 3 ways to send reminders, using the various email addresses in your email:

To: Schedule an email reminder for yourself, or Forward an email to reappear on a future date.
Cc: Schedule a reminder for everyone included in the email.
Bcc: Schedule a reminder within an email that only you will see and receive. 

Here are some basic examples of how to set reminders.

Push to the future -
Client says to touch base in 10 days. Use minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and/or years to schedule your reminder in the future

Upcoming hour -
Dinner tonight at 8pm. Use the time, with AM or PM. You can also set time with minutes.

Future day of the week

Prep for the conference on Monday. Use the day of the week or its abbreviation

For a specific date

Forward travel arrangements to appear or set a reminder for a package delivery. Use the month or its abbreviation with the day after it. 


or add a time 

For a recurring event 

Remember a birthday or weekly sales meeting. Any reminder can be made recurring by either adding the word every to the beginning of the reminder OR adding an asterisk (*) to the end of the reminder. 

Examples: jan30-9pm*,, monthlyevery1st@followup

If you are not sure about the format of your reminder, please find our cheat-sheetfor common terms.

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